• http://putad.net/houston-cell-phones-t-mobilesprintverizoncricketsimpleclear-houstontx-newused/ I gave my son the HTC HD-2 cell phone 4 mounts ago and he still likes it. He dropped it about 2 feet, he sat up it fell out of his lap and cracked the glass really bad. I can’t afford to replace the screen right now. So I decided to glue the screen with acrylic resin.

    After I fixed it, my son was happy, he said “it looks better and feels OK with the screen protector, thanks dad” I’m just glad he could live with it, replacing a cracked glass on a H-T-C HD-2 Windows Mobile Cell Phone is expensive!

    If you just want to put glue in to the cracks, it’s possible to glue the broken glass together. Actually looks better and keeps loose glass from cutting your finger tips. By no means do cracks totally disappear like they were never there. Some of the cracks wont completely fill in but most of the crack lines fill right in and look clearer.

    http://www.ClintsGlass.com/ If you would like this type of repair preformed on your cell phone, the charge for service is to at Clint’s glass shop in Houston, TX.